Trump is a voice for those who have begrudgingly concealed their subtle racism for years. He removed the veil of shame and gave pride to racism (aka the inferiority complex) and disguised it as “patriotism”. Trump ran on a platform of xenophobia and hate and called it ‘making America great again’.

Instead of acting shocked at his abhorrent behavior, let’s accept him for what he is– A reality tv character who became president not to enact change, but to profit.

Bunker boy is hellbent on destroying America and waging a war against its citizens. His politics of substitution and division excites those whose inferiority complexes become enflamed when aroused.

When real issues occurred, where has Trump been? Denying their existence, patting himself on the back, defending himself with untruths, hiding in a bunker, and doing photo ops outside of a church with an upside down Bible.

America, get your clown, the show is over.

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