Every time we step out the safety of our front door, we know there is a chance to be confronted without provocation & under a cocktail of conditions, the interaction may turn deadly.

What’s more is, we aren’t even safe from police harassment in our own homes. For many, like Amadou Diallo and Breonna Taylor, the terror shows up at your doorstep and no one is there to protect and serve, rather they are there with their own interests protected and immunity to carry out egregious acts of terror and kill without cause.

Before camera phones and social media, Black families had to address these painful realities openly & honestly, while white America was able to gloss over the headlines and carry on very different conversations with their children.


We have faced years of oppression and thrived in spite of systems in place that serve to discriminate, target, and criminalize Blacks, despite media that largely ignores the beauty of Black men and women while creatively reimagining ways to typecast and stereotype, all while benefitting from Black greatness and culture, and a government and corporations that propagate ideologies that serve to keep us in chains, bound to capitalism, in a cycle of poverty.

The truth is that Black greatness is both touted and shamed.

It’s time to unite and reclaim our identity, and shed this idea of who they’ve told us to be. We are the power they kill to have.




Why is BLM so disorganized??????! What is their strategy?? Smh.

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