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I’ve kept a journal ever since I was a little girl. I have always loved writing. My Daddy was an award winning journalist and my love for writing is just something that came naturally to me. It was a part of me for as long as I can remember. I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs and became more seriously interested in photography after high school. My Daddy always had a camera with him… photography was a hobby I picked up from him. A lot of who I am today is all because of my Daddy.

On September 2, 2010, my Daddy was killed in a car accident while on his way to work. It was on that day that my world collapsed beneath my feet. Life as I had known it, so beautiful and safe, was now this dark, cold nightmare. I was a prisoner of my own gut wrenchingly, awful reality. I was left grappling at thin air, not knowing how I would survive life without my best friend, my hero, my King– my Daddy.

When I created NoelClark.com back in 2010 it’s purpose was to be a place on-line so that when anyone googled my Daddy’s name, John Clark, they could always find his story. There is no blueprint for the grieving process; for me, writing + photography were forms of therapy. Soon NoelClark.com became a place where I was sharing my words, my photography and reaching out to others, who like me, had lost someone or someones very dear to them. (Link: Sudden and Tragic Loss Group)

As I grew and evolved, NoelClark.com did the same. . . and will continue to grow and evolve with me. I’m an autodidactic learner and a constant work in progress. Always learning, never perfecting and I have learned that that is quite OK. You see, the days leading up to my Daddy’s accident I found myself putting together my first album of artistic photographs. I wanted to make sure they were “perfect” before sharing them. I finally finished all of my final touches on the morning of September 2, 2010.

I went to bed sometime shortly after the sun rose. I couldn’t wait till Daddy came home from work to show him. He was (and still is) my biggest fan. I was so excited to finally reveal this side of myself to him. He was always so proud of anything I did but I still wanted to make sure I felt my photographs were “perfect” before showing them to him.

I never got the opportunity to show my Daddy my perfectly constructed album and this is a side of me he never truly got to know.

After his accident I bought my first DSLR as a way of forcing myself to seek out and find beauty in the world again. The hues of the world became grey but I know that God has created a masterpiece. Grief took its beauty away; photography was my way of seeing it again.

All of my shots aren’t perfect. Actually, none of them are but, I won’t wait for perfection before sharing ever again. Life is fleeting and there are no guarantees.

my King. M.A.Y. Love you Daddy!
Love you Daddy M.A.Y.