The Science Of Emotional Logic

There is no wisdom without emotion. While logic tells us what is right and wrong it is emotion that provides the experience of right and wrong. Without emotion all of the consequences of our decisions, whether good or bad, would not be felt. Can you imagine not being able to feel the euphoria that comes … Continue reading »The Science Of Emotional Logic

Kyle Kostic’s Fight To Cure Cancer (video)

Kyle Kostic Cancer Survivor Turned Medical Marijuana Advocate Kyle Kostic sat down with and shared how he cured his stage iv cancer. Almost exactly a year ago, Kyle had a doctor’s appointment that he felt good about. He had done everything his doctors told him and felt confident he was in remission. He was … Continue reading »Kyle Kostic’s Fight To Cure Cancer (video)

#SpiritedSolitude: The Reflection

#SpiritedSolitude shares a taped conversation with stage IV cancer survivor turned medical marijuana advocate, Kyle Kostic and artist, Lorenzo P. of as we discuss self-imposed isolation as a form of Spirited Solitude. Told by doctors he had less than a year to live, Kyle Kostic began living on his own terms. He packed … Continue reading »#SpiritedSolitude: The Reflection