Happy 2018, ya’ll

✌🏼💜Wishing all a healthy, prosperous, and blessed 2018 (marleysmantra.com & noelclark.com)

Kyle Kostic’s Fight To Cure Cancer (video)

Kyle Kostic Cancer Survivor Turned Medical Marijuana Advocate Kyle Kostic sat down with noelclark.com and shared how he cured his stage iv cancer. Almost exactly a year ago, Kyle had a doctor’s appointment that he felt good about. He had done everything his doctors told him and felt confident he was in remission. He was…

#SpiritedSolitude: The Reflection

#SpiritedSolitude noelclark.com shares a taped conversation with stage IV cancer survivor turned medical marijuana advocate, Kyle Kostic and artist, Lorenzo P. of lorenzopphotography.com as we discuss self-imposed isolation as a form of Spirited Solitude. Told by doctors he had less than a year to live, Kyle Kostic began living on his own terms. He packed…

#SpiritedSolitude pt. 2

Check out: @kylekostic and @lorenzopphotography to keep up with their journey of Spirited Solitude✨

MarleysMantra.com “Hoop Dreams” Hoodie Now Available!

Check out MarleysMantra.com for apparel and canvas prints featuring my original photography and artwork. Sold exclusively at marleysmantra.com!! Marley’s Mantra dropped the “Hoop Dreams” hoodie today on Friday the 13th! I’ve been wearing it all day and am loving how warm and comfy it is!! #LovinIt 🙌🏼

What The Bum?

I’ve posted 5 bikini photos since 2012. In 2012, I made a conscious decision to not post bikini shots, even though I had travelled to a few lovely beach spots like, Florida and Punta Cana. I decided back in 2012, that showing myself in a swimsuit showed too much skin. So I didn’t post bikini…