Show A Little Teeth

Define yourself in under 5 seconds. Using one word, define your entire being– everything you’ve ever done, accomplished and went through by using Can you? Most likely you could conjure up some flattering word but do you want to? Do you want to pigeon hole yourself into a mere word? The best experiences, memories…


Who can tell me what’s wrong with this picture? If you guessed, “That’s not Oscar Micheaux”, you would be correct! The image is of the great Paul Robeson (I’ve written about him in the past. Please google him if you don’t know who he is. He was an amazing man, filled with MANY extraordinary talents…

Happy World Book Day

Happy World Book Day to all my fellow bookworms 📚🐛 The aftermath of book shopping❤️📚Sooo many good books, so little time. #TheBestGiftsAreThoseThatTeachYou #Grateful


After my Dad’s accident, I knew that when I saw him again I wanted to tell him all the things I did and hear him say he’s proud of me. I then realized, my Dad would always be proud of me. I was Daddy’s little girl. It was myself who I had to make proud….

Thank you, 44

It breaks my heart to see you go but thank God I got to witness you.  Thank you, 44.  💔 Photo: Pete Souza


Gave an old Villanova t-shirt a new look by cutting off the neckline then turned that piece into a choker where I added Nova colored gems. 💙

Hosting LVHN 21st Annual Gala✨

Such a blessing to be asked to host this years Lehigh Valley Health Network Nite Lites black tie gala. Everyone was dressed to the 9’s & straight outta the 20’s for the #AllThatJazz theme!! LVHN’s black tie gala raises well over a million dollars each year in ticket sales alone and this year brought in…