📚Sound familiar…? “And yet conservative white politicians are able to gain and hold even the highest office despite their failure to address seriously any… (pressing) issues.”

Bless Up

• Burn Down Babylon • Bless Up • Painted today on what would be Bob Marley’s 72nd Birthday 

NO thank you, 45

I wanted to be wrong. I wanted the majority of the world to be pleasantly surprised. That Drumpf would all of a sudden be an intelligent, compassionate human being. But now I sit, watching the news with tears in my eyes, hearing people tell their heartbreaking experiences since Drumpf signed his executive order banning visa…

Thank you, 44

It breaks my heart to see you go but thank God I got to witness you.  Thank you, 44.  💔 Photo: Pete Souza

Iron Sharpens Iron

Work with people much older than you. Read the books that they read. Study those who have done great things. Draw from people who inspire you. Iron sharpens iron!  Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote, “One day the poor will have nothing to eat but the rich.” Rousseau’s writings, specifically “The Social Contract” (published in 1762!!) were instrumental…


2016 was a year marred by unbelievable and unfortunate events. From a reality TV star becoming president elect (😳) to Brexit to shocking celebrity deaths. There was water poisoning, pipeline battles and the kardashians still haven’t gone away!!!!! Surreal events swept the political and pop cultural landscapes of 2016. 2016 seems to be the Meek…