After my Dad’s accident, I knew that when I saw him again I wanted to tell him all the things I did and hear him say he’s proud of me. I then realized, my Dad would always be proud of me. I was Daddy’s little girl. It was myself who I had to make proud….

#TheHappinessStandard pt. 1 presents: bondXP✨ bX is all about uniting thru exchange. Exchange of ideas, perspectives, stories, energy!! Two strongly held beliefs at are that we are more alike than we think and that we can all learn from one another if we’re willing. Now is not the time to fall for divisive rhetoric and scare tactics….

Aunt Patsy beat cancer!!

Aunt Patsy beat cancer!! Visit these sites for more information and support:

Why I’m Single (comedy short)

First post to “Dating While Waiting” will reveal a little bit of background on “Why I’m Single”. Every single person gets asked this question. Single men love asking single women why their single but rarely do they get an honest response. This video explains that I’m single because I’m a freakin creep. I’ve got nothin’…