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12/31/17 Reflections

Originally posted to on 1/3/17. (note: 12/2016: the Sioux Tribe and protestors celebrated a victory of having the dapl rerouted, but the fight over protecting human rights, environment, and the land of the Indigenous raged on as the incoming @realdonaldtrump administration exchanged power with the @barackobama administration. Today, as we enter 2018, the fight … Continue reading »12/31/17 Reflections


#YouAreNOTRequiredToPlayByTheRules • The magic in your life will reveal itself when you are vulnerable. When you are not playing by the rules, but instead confidently living in the moment, without fear of making a mistake or the judgement of others. This freedom doesn’t happen over night. It is a process which involves deconditioning yourself from … Continue reading »#YouAreNOTRequiredToPlayByTheRules

Kyle Kostic’s Fight To Cure Cancer (video)

Kyle Kostic Cancer Survivor Turned Medical Marijuana Advocate Kyle Kostic sat down with and shared how he cured his stage iv cancer. Almost exactly a year ago, Kyle had a doctor’s appointment that he felt good about. He had done everything his doctors told him and felt confident he was in remission. He was … Continue reading »Kyle Kostic’s Fight To Cure Cancer (video)