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Carmen Jones

“Diamonds ain’t what I want of a man. If I love him, he don’t need no checkbook… If I don’t, a checkbook ain’t gonna do him no good.” – from the classic film, Carmen Jones

Just love

Just love. Share a smile. Do something kind. Just love. If someone seems inconsiderate or rude, guess what, they need your smile more than they need a reflection of their own unpleasantness. Just love. Once you start doing this, you will find happiness all around you. You will attract positive strangers. Your positive energy will…

Dating While Waiting

‘Dating While Waiting’ is’s newest blog category. Here I will share my experiences as a single woman in her twenties hoping to stumble upon one very special guy. Funny stories, lessons learned, advice, and all of the other dating experiences that you encounter when “Dating While Waiting” to meet ‘the one’. xoxo,