#DontHideYourFly Often times, people think of life as linear. They imagine life as a perfect timeline, where schooling takes this amount of time, you find you partner at such and such an age, get married, have kids, yadda ya, yadda ya– all milestones reached at preconceived times. All imagined benchmarks that people assume will just…

Show A Little Teeth

Define yourself in under 5 seconds. Using one word, define your entire being– everything you’ve ever done, accomplished and went through by using only.one.word. Can you? Most likely you could conjure up some flattering word but do you want to? Do you want to pigeon hole yourself into a mere word? The best experiences, memories…

Bless Up

• Burn Down Babylon • Bless Up • Painted today on what would be Bob Marley’s 72nd Birthday 

Catfish Case Closed!

I’ve had a catfish stealing my pics for months! A friend reached out to me yesterday and told me. I reported the page (several times) right away and asked people on my social media to report the page as well. Well, this morning I received a notification from instagram saying they removed the account for…

Día de los Muertos

Where there is love, there is life. I call this painting: “The Visit”. Día de los Muertos inspired painting by Noèl Clark

introducing #LIVEart

I’m super excited to introduce the newest concept to NoelClark.com called #LIVEart ☺️  With each #LIVEart segment, I will include live streaming and real time blog and social media shares. This will help make each segment inclusive and interactive. It’s important for me to use my blog to share the stories of others. To use…

Paper in The Street Art Show

Proceeds of Paper in The Street go towards providing dental treatment for those in need. Pieces from the show are available on-line: https://www.vangoart.co/smile-design-gallery