Congrats to the greatest, most influential and authentic dude to touch the hardwood– #TheAnswer #3 🐐🏀 Read this twice. . . “We fetishized his authenticity while giving him complete control over its application. Then we had the audacity to find fault with the finished product.” Chris Palmer, Bleacher Report photo cred. @photosalaquang

Villanova Takeover

   Video song credits, instagram: “College Flow” @_youngchris @wale “Levels” @meekmill

LA Clippers Owner, “Don’t bring Black people to my games!”

Listen to the audio here: http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/26/donald-sterling-clippers-owner-black-people-racist-audio-magic-johnson/ Keith Olberman’s take? Players should not step foot on the court until NBA addresses issue: http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/26/keith-olbermann-clippers-should-refuse-to-play-until-nba-punishes-sterling/        

Let’s Go ‘Nova Wildcats!!

‘Nova Nation– Where hard work meets talent. Let’s Go Wildcats! A funny, short video for Dove with the most dapper basketball coach in college ball, Jay Wright: ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCutkIfDVFI

Congrats to Coach Jay Wright & the Wildcats

On Friday, February 7th, Villanova head coach Jay Wright made history. This time it wasn’t for his dapper suits but about the number of wins under his (presumably designer) belt. In a 70-53 victory over Seton Hall, the Wildcats walked away with the W and in doing so, earned Coach Wright his 400th career win….

Love and Basketball at Villanova Hoops Mania 2013

Villanova Hoops Mania 2013: forget forgettable, Be Victorious I attended Villanova’s Hoops Mania last night. I went with a girlfriend who I had lost touch with for some time. This was only the second time we had seen each other since reuniting and yet we were back to finishing each other’s sentences and reading each…