Today, on Instagram I shared a photo from my recent photo shoot with the quote “Be Magical”. Later, I noticed my Facebook flashback for today was a photo I shared back in 2015 with the quote, “Take A Lover Who Looks At You Like Maybe You Are Magic.”  Today seems all about magic. Fitting considering…

Mental Intimacy

“I wanna dig my nails into you Strip you down to your truths Take your dark side I’ll take your sunshine too I’ll let you inside And you can have mine too”

Rebuttal to distance < love

Recently, guest blogger Sherina shared her thoughts on the benefits of long distance dating. Some of the advantages of long distance dating that Sherina listed were that you take things slower and that you’re forced to communicate more. I feel you can take things just as slowly and communicate just as effectively while dating in…

Guest Blogger Sherina: distance < love

Guest Blog: distance<love Written by Sherina Absence makes the heart grow fonder  but  too much distance will ruin any relationship. These are just two simplified ideas on how distance effects relationships. While they sound good, they really just help to make us skeptical about involving ourselves in a long distance relationship in the first place….