Through any struggle, any pain or hardship, I Thank You God. The day of my Dad’s accident my heart was ripped out of my chest. I can’t describe the extreme feeling of hurt & loss but, I can encourage you to not take a second for granted, to love hard & to always be grateful. … Continue reading »Faith.


Dedicate yourself to something bigger than yourself. Be more driven by your passion than your fears. Work efficiently while making time for reflection. Ask that God guide you. Be led by a vision for the life you imagine, the life you envision for yourself and your family and go into this world of vast opportunities… … Continue reading »Leap.

Strike out ovarian cancer!

Photos from yesterday’s charity event benefiting ovarian cancer. My Aunt Pattie is battling ovarian cancer… & beating it’s arse!! smile emoticon Please send a prayer up for my Aunt Pattie & everyone else battling cancer!! #cancersucks #strikeoutcancer My Sister’s company “Caregivers of the Lehigh Valley” sponsored & hosted a craft tent for the kids. Great … Continue reading »Strike out ovarian cancer!