“Hoop Dreams” Hoodie Now Available!

Check out for apparel and canvas prints featuring my original photography and artwork. Sold exclusively at!! Marley’s Mantra dropped the “Hoop Dreams” hoodie today on Friday the 13th! I’ve been wearing it all day and am loving how warm and comfy it is!! #LovinIt 🙌🏼

Iris Apfel: Swoon

Oh, the stories she must have from her travels all over the world! Talking to merchants, getting to know people, immersed in different cultures! Taking bits and pieces of everyone and every place. Wearing the world upon her, fashionably, boldly, brilliantly. With each accessory telling the stories of herself and all those who influenced her….

People Watching

One of the most interesting things to do is simply nothing~ To find yourself silent, lost in a crowd, observing all around you. To not become a part of the scene rather to become a passive observer. To discover the stories being told all around you simply by existing in a moment. Here are some…