#SpiritedSolitude pt. 2

Check out: @kylekostic and @lorenzopphotography to keep up with their journey of Spirited Solitude✨

#SpiritedSolitude pt. 1

#SpiritedSolitude noelclark.com shares a taped conversation with cancer survivor turned medical marijuana advocate, Kyle Kostic and artist, Lorenzo P. of lorenzopphotography.com. We discuss self-imposed isolation as a form of spirited solitude and how authentic living and isolation helped to cure Kyle’s cancer and create some of Lorenzo’s best works of art. Check noelclark.com for updates…

#TheHappinessStandard pt. 1

noelclark.com presents: bondXP✨ bX is all about uniting thru exchange. Exchange of ideas, perspectives, stories, energy!! Two strongly held beliefs at noelclark.com are that we are more alike than we think and that we can all learn from one another if we’re willing. Now is not the time to fall for divisive rhetoric and scare tactics….

introducing #LIVEart

I’m super excited to introduce the newest concept to NoelClark.com called #LIVEart ☺️  With each #LIVEart segment, I will include live streaming and real time blog and social media shares. This will help make each segment inclusive and interactive. It’s important for me to use my blog to share the stories of others. To use…

Let’s Go ‘Nova Wildcats!!

‘Nova Nation– Where hard work meets talent. Let’s Go Wildcats! A funny, short video for Dove with the most dapper basketball coach in college ball, Jay Wright: ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCutkIfDVFI

Interview with Dennis Eckhard part 2

Interview with Dennis Eckhard part 2 If you missed part 1 of Dennis’ interview it can be found here: Dennis Eckhard Interview part 1 On July 2, 2006 Dennis’ Dad died suddenly of a heart attack. Dennis is a wonderful husband, father, and man in large part because he was loved by a wonderful husband,…

Interview with Dennis Eckhard part 1

Dennis Eckhard is the consummate family man. Ask him a question about his family and without fail a smile will shine upon on his face. Dennis proudly shares the love he has for his family. He will tell you in a heartbeat that he values the unyielding love and support he finds in them, that…