Take note of your energy and the things you focus on then, notice the experiences and people that are drawn, like magnets, into your life. This works both ways, good & bad. Once you start getting serious about your spiritual wellness and conscious of the energy you put out, you will begin to see trends….

Just Love.

Photo taken: 10/01 Love is always the answer. Practice kindness & compassion. Don’t require positivity and love in return in order to spread those good vibes. In time, you’ll find that everything that comes to you will be sowed with the seeds of love you’ve been planting all along. ~Noèl

Bless My Struggle

Bless My Struggle~ Shortly after my Dad’s accident I started a facebook support group for those grieving the sudden loss of a loved one. Losing someone in that way, the grieving process is so different & unless you have experienced that, you can never truly understand the emotional roller coaster that life becomes. I have…

Hellos & Good vibes

Life’s too short to waste good energy. Channel, embrace, & spread ‘good vibes only’~