“¢reate Your Own Lane$” Hoodie

new product alert from marleysmantra.com!! “¢reate Your Own Lane$” Hoodie “¢reate Your Own Lane$” Hoodie “Create Your Own Lanes” hoodie from Marley’s Mantra (marleysmantra.com & @marleysmantra) encourages you to set yourself apart by following your flow. Be so good the only thing they can do is embrace or respect you and if the lanes don’t exist– … Continue reading »“¢reate Your Own Lane$” Hoodie

there is no wisdom without emotion.

there is no wisdom without emotion. Read that again. And again. Annnnnnnnd once more. there is no wisdom without emotion. ( For the science behind it, check out this blog article: Emotional Logic ) It’s funny because so many people believe that emotions make them weak but, neuroscience has proved just the opposite. It is … Continue reading »there is no wisdom without emotion.

The Science Of Emotional Logic

There is no wisdom without emotion. While logic tells us what is right and wrong it is emotion that provides the experience of right and wrong. Without emotion all of the consequences of our decisions, whether good or bad, would not be felt. Can you imagine not being able to feel the euphoria that comes … Continue reading »The Science Of Emotional Logic

Brain Storm

The brain is fascinating. The human brain houses our memories, our emotions, controls body movement, survival activities, activates attraction signals, warning cues. Anything you can think of, the brain has (hopefully) under control! Thanks to years of study, experiments, and medical breakthroughs we have learned how the brain works but, we are still uncovering just … Continue reading »Brain Storm