Brain Storm

The brain is fascinating. The human brain houses our memories, our emotions, controls body movement, survival activities, activates attraction signals, warning cues. Anything you can think of, the brain has (hopefully) under control! Thanks to years of study, experiments, and medical breakthroughs we have learned how the brain works but, we are still uncovering just … Continue reading »Brain Storm

12/31/17 Reflections

Originally posted to on 1/3/17. (note: 12/2016: the Sioux Tribe and protestors celebrated a victory of having the dapl rerouted, but the fight over protecting human rights, environment, and the land of the Indigenous raged on as the incoming @realdonaldtrump administration exchanged power with the @barackobama administration. Today, as we enter 2018, the fight … Continue reading »12/31/17 Reflections